Sacha McElligott

New York University
Graduation Status: 


I spent this past summer conducting research at Catherine Collins' Lab, characterizing changes in protein synthesis induced by injury as well as clearance mechanisms for the degenerating distal portions of severed axons in fruit flies. Furthermore, I created a tracking software for researchers in the Kuwada Lab, calculating the exact distance each (of four) larva travels as well as their respective speeds at any given time point or location. The Kuwada Lab is currently studying the motor effects of a wide catalogue of intervention types, and are now using my tracking software—instead of the previously used one by ImageJ—to efficiently and accurately calculate the motor effects of such interventions. I have previously worked for Michael Merzenich, at his company, Posit Science, worked in the Tony Movshon/Lynne Kiorpes Lab investigating amblyopia and some broader reaches of visual neuroscience, for Denis Pelli, exploring the triumphs and tribulations of computational neuroscience, and in Thomas Wisniewski’s Lab, characterizing pathological hallmarks of Alzheimer's Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Despite having this diverse range, or maybe because of it, I remain unsure of the specific domain in and approach to neuroscience I will ultimately pursue at the graduate level and beyond. For a closer look at the projects I've done, check out:

Presentation Summary:

  • McElligott, S.K. Secernin-1 is a Novel Protein Found in Pathological Hallmarks of Alzheimer's Disease. Inquiry Abstracts. Poster presentation delivered at the Undergraduate Research Conference, New York, NY., May, 2017.
  • McElligott, S.K. Characterizing Mechanisms of Debris Clearance and Changes in Global Protein Synthesis After Axonal Injury. Poster presentation to be delivered at the University of Michigan Neuroscience Department, Ann Arbor, MI., August, 2017.